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We have established the 'HANJIN AUTOMOTIVE' based on the experience of the past 20 years. The last 20 years, we have produced a number of items such as rubber boots,iginition cables..etc. With the knowledge and powerful experience gained from over 20years producing auto parts,highest quality and reliability have become synonymous with HANJIN AUTOMOTIVE.

HANJIN AUTOMOTIVE has been growing into the biggest ignition cable manufacturer in Korea with 200 kinds of its products. We have particularly focused on highlight its international reputation by exporting its various goods based on global sales network in Middle East, Europe, and Asia. This story made us strong power of autoparts manufacture.Through full experience , We eventually became established BRAKE PADS factory.

We are proud to be a new powerful Brake pads manufacture in KOREA, and we can promis that we will prove your biz with us will bring great success in your market.

Safety driving with Hanjin Automotive Brake pads and Ignition cable.

Hanjin Automotive Co.,LTD.
Mi Ae. Song    / President