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Hanjin Automotive has participated in the research and development of the ignition cable (spark Cable) since 1998.

General Cable, semi-tuning cable, professional-tuning developed a suite of cable, it has grown into the Korea 's largest cable company holds the ignition family of more than 200 vehicles in production.

In particular, the Middle East, Europe, focusing our products to the network sales network in Asia brand, "HJ" are becoming the strong reliability and quality based on the low price local, non-exclusive brands on the market

We know exactly what the product can be selected in the consumer market, and the world will not be willing to give any commitment to our customers faith.

ISO 3808 or customer specification

HJ CABLE - Environment-friendly ignition cables

Description Ignition cable with a resistive core for use where suppression is required. The cable can be terminated by folding the conductor beneath the terminal
Cable Diameter 5.0mm +/- 0.3mm
7.0mm +/- 0.3mm
8.0mm +/- 0.3mm
Conductors Carbon Core Conductor.
Glass yarn treated with carbon and coated with conductive silicone rubber
Reinforcement Braided glass fiber yarn over the insulated core for extra strength. (Where requested)
Non woven Fabric over the insulated core for extra strength.
Covering Outer Jacket Insulation Temperature Rating
Temperature listings as per ISO3808
Test Voltage 5.0m   20kV(r.m.s)
7.0m   30kV(r.m.s)
8.0m   30kV(r.m.s)
Color Outer Sheath - Basic : Black, Grey
Standard ISO 3808 or customer specification